Best mobile phones of 2022


From Apple to Samsung, from Motorola to Google, there are plenty of iPhone models that offer the latest technology and style and are perfect for a user who wants their phone to meet all their needs. There are many iPhone models on this list, so let’s take a look at some of the best phones in 2022 and see what they are


Best iPhone Models


When looking for a future-proof iPhone model, it would be hard to resist the latest version. The current iPhone 8 is not only one of the top iPhones, but also one of the most powerful iPhones ever produced. This is also an incredible choice if you want to upgrade your iPhone for its bigger screen size and higher battery life. With a 12.9 inches display and great camera capabilities, it would make the right pick for any person who doesn’t mind having a larger screen at their fingertips. It has all the features you need and more to offer than just a phone. And there are other iPhone models that would fit into our criteria. While none of them will replace the iPhone 8 as the first phone to run on these chips, they will be great additions to your iOS device. We’ve picked up the best iPhone models of today to get an idea about what we think and can expect from each of these next generation devices.


iPhone XS Max


Best iPhone Brands


The iPhone XS Max is currently the highest priced flagship phone available, leaving the rest in line to follow suit. It’s packed with every feature available in an expensive handset, such as a super fast processor, insane cameras, and even Dolby Atmos speakers. But the price may seem high, and you may be wondering whether it’s worth it. When you consider everything you have to gain by upgrading a iPhone into the XS Max, I’d argue you’ll notice a lot that isn’t really noticeable. You could turn off the brightness control on your own iPhone, change your home screen, or change how much RAM you use. Not to mention your data transfer speeds might increase and your photos might end up being better quality. Still, the XS Max feels like something special, especially when you compare it to competitors from Samsung and OnePlus. Their phones also often have their users hooked for their design, but none of those devices deliver the same power and durability as the XS Max. If you want a premium experience, you should definitely consider grabbing this phone instead of finding alternatives, especially if you’re willing to pay a bit more.


iPhone 13 Pro


Best smartphone under $800


The iPhone 13 Pro has a big 6.7 inches LCD panel and two teraflops of processing power. That means it can do amazing things in anything at all you throw at it, but I feel it would be too easy to reach over the edge without thinking twice what you’re doing and not care. If you’re someone who’s used apple hardware before, then I don’t know anyone else to recommend it. Like I said, it comes with amazing battery life and performance, which makes it excellent for reading books while you charge up, watching videos for work, or playing video games while traveling through airports. For people looking for more storage or even faster memory, this can be a huge benefit. On top of that, it’s very thin and compact enough to fit into the palm of your hand, which makes it a pleasure to hold. Just like the iPhone 12, the iPhone 13 Pro comes with many different colors, and we couldn’t find one single bad color. It’s got a large screen so you can play games without having to worry about running out of room, and it has access to 5G without making you feel like there’s a big deal. So even though it’s pricey, the iPhone 13 Pro is the best smartphone you can buy under $800.


iPhone 11


Best iPhone Brand


This isn’t such a good choice but it’s my personal preference and it’s easy to justify. One thing to note for me is that the iPhone 11 was a major upgrade. As usual, I haven’t listed here all reasons why you shouldn’t go for this, but the biggest one is that it’s not as well designed as similar models are. After a year or two where we had no real reason to switch, I decided it’s time to give up the company name, which makes the whole model feel cheap and simple. If you can afford it, the iPhone 11 is probably the best iPhone for anyone looking for an upgraded smartphone that’s not going to break the bank. Don’t forget to check AppleCare and privacy because at least half of your money goes towards protecting you in case something goes wrong. Overall, it’s a nice solid option if you prefer your smartphones to look identical to Apple products.


iPhone SE 3


Best iPhone for less than $500


The iPhone SE is an affordable entry level device, offering 4GB RAM and 32GB storage. This model is a great alternative for people who don’t want to spend a dime on either additional storage or extra power. For those customers ready to use the lower capacity, they would still want 2GB RAM and 64GB storage. The iPhone SE 3 includes many great new features, including NFC and wireless charging, and even allows you to add a MicroSD card slot if needed. Despite this, the iPhone SE 3 does come with several flaws, including poor battery performance, small speakers, and a slow CPU. Even if you’re on budget, getting the iPhone SE 3 is worth it, since it gives you the freedom to choose between a modest amount of power on an affordable budget.


iPhone XR


Best Android Model with LTE


If you consider yourself as someone who can live without 5G but still wants full access to 4G LTE coverage, the iPhone Xr is your best bet. Having both is fantastic if you don’t mind paying extra. Its 4.7 inches OLED display provides stunning resolution, is capable of projecting vibrant colours, and supports HDR video technology. It’s also compatible with MFi (Made for iPad) and Qi wireless accessories. The original iPhone Xr model has been updated to include support for Wi-Fi 6 and supports low latency 3G/4G/5G connectivity. Thanks to support for Verizon Wireless and AT&T network, the iPhone Xr is capable of connecting to 5G enabled networks like Sprint, T-Mobile, etc. A true dual-screen setup, the iPhone Xr can even play some high definition movies (which are considered “4K”) even when using another type of internet connection. The iPhone Xr is the cheapest iPhone model equipped with cellular, meaning it can even reach your location with cellular, and thanks to MagSafe, you can dock it instantly even if you aren’t always near your phone. And the fact that you can add up to 16GB RAM and 128GB storage (for now, not expandable), the iPhone Xr is the best iPhone to buy for a basic customer looking for unlimited data and a standard contract plan with unlimited calls.


iPhone 15


Best overall mobile range


The iPhone 15 has almost all the upgrades you could be wanting including a bright 6.1 inches AMOLED screen, 7GB RAM, 4450 mAh battery, and improved cameras. Add in stereo speakers, a water resistance rating, IP68 water resistance, and a long-range scanner, and you get a highly advanced phone that can easily handle whatever you throw at it. With the newest chip, the iPhone 15 is arguably the fastest the tech world has ever seen and is truly the future of modern smart phones. Another plus is that you can enjoy multi-touch support so you can swipe through apps with just your fingers. Everything else you could ask for in life is available on the iPhone 15, even if you don’t care about fancy hardware specs. However, the iPhone 15 does have a few downfalls, such as underwhelming camera capabilities, battery drain, and lack of microSD slot and the notch. Nevertheless, you won’t regret buying this over other flagships or older models. It is certainly a luxury Android model compared to others on this list, but it comes with the top-of-the-line features and can perform wonders on the go.


iPhone 12


Best budget Smartphone


The iPhone 12 offers only a 1GB 4GB configuration, which is more than adequate for everyday use if you’re happy with this combination. This will always appeal to any buyer looking for a slightly smaller handset with decent performance but for someone looking for more power and high-end specifications, you’re best to stick with the 2GB + 64GB model which delivers 8GB RAM and 256GB storage. An important point that must be made here, you’re likely not going to like the iPhone 12 because of its weak chipset and limited rear camera hardware, however its popularity will depend on how far people are willing to buy it. The most common people who will buy the new iPhone already have their hands full with the MacBook Air or Mac Mini when deciding what to buy, so it wouldn’t matter if it wasn’t the one to carry around with them. If you only need an average phone with occasional gaming requirements, then you have nothing to lose with the iPhone 12 unless everyone is forced to go with the 5G enabled variant. If you can’t decide what you want, then the iPhone 12 is the best option for you.


iPhone 11 Pro


Best Performance iPhone for 2021


Even though it’s not as popular as the current 4GB Snapdragon 888 edition, the iPhone 11 Pro is actually quite good. Compared

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