Different kinds of pet rats

There is a lot of confusion about the different types of rat breeds available if you search online (or anywhere else, for that matter).

This is primarily because organizations set criteria for the breeds that can be displayed at exhibitions, with some organizations allowing certain breeds while banning others, others allowing different breeds, and so on.

The fact that some breeds are subspecies of other breeds and others are simply the same breed with a different name only adds to the confusion.

But don’t worry, I’m here to provide as much clarity as I can and provide you with my comprehensive guide to rat breeds.

Why ought I keep a pet rat?

Rats are very common as household pets. They are extremely perceptive, curious, communicative, and social. They are simple to train to respond to commands, such as coming when called, and they pick up tricks quickly.

They are gentle, affectionate, and rarely bite unless provoked if properly socialized from a young age. Rats are typically good pets for families, but they should never be left unattended around young children.

For the following reasons, you could own a pet rat.

  1. Low maintenance

Owning a pet rat is very low maintenance. They can go for extended stretches of the day without much attention because they feel very at ease in their own surroundings. Pet rats might be a good choice for you if you’re the kind of owner who is gone from your animals for long stretches of the day.

Make sure to provide them with plenty of food and water, and if you can, try to purchase a second pet rat to keep them company. Rats are social creatures.

  1. Budget-friendly

Owning a rat as a small pet is very affordable. If you own a dog or cat, you already know that they can run up large monthly expenses on things like food, toys, and vet visits, to name a few.

You’ll be almost ready to go once you account for the typical cost of a cage, food, toys, and accessories. As you’ll see below, rats don’t require frequent trips to the veterinarian, so keep a small amount aside for health examinations.

  1. Rarely get sick

The fact that pet rats very infrequently get sick makes them a practical choice. This implies that you will play more and spend less time at the vet. Rats are naturally resistant to a wide range of ailments, which allows them to maintain their health for longer.

Although some female rats can develop mammary tumors, most rats live relatively healthy lives. Rats have a three-year lifespan on average, which is long enough to form bonds with your new, special friends.

  1. Surprisingly clean

Elegant rats make excellent pets. The domesticated version of brown rats takes pride in maintaining cleanliness in contrast to the common brown rats. Rats enjoy self-grooming and enjoy being petted and brushed to keep them clean.

When living in a cage with two or more other rats, male rats do mark their territory, and this can leave a distinct odor. Typically, this only occurs when you first introduce a new rat and lasts for a few weeks.

Any bad odors can be avoided with a weekly clean of the cage and its accessories.

  1. Can be trained

Rats are renowned for being simple to train, and you can get them to obey basic instructions in just a few weeks. These fundamental skills include responding to their name, supporting themselves on their back legs, and even hoop jumping!

They are entertaining, easygoing pets that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. We adore rats and believe that more people ought to accept these amiable animals. You can purchase a pet rat in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes at the majority of pet stores, which carry everything rat-related.

List of various types of rats for pets

  1. dumbo rats pets

If you’ve determined that a rat would make a good pet for you, think about bringing one home! They are renowned for their cute faces and sweet, submissive personalities.

Dumbos are frequently referred to as rats that are so adorable that even those who are terrified of rats fall in love with them! They typically require little maintenance and can flourish even in a small apartment. To socialize and play with your new rodent best friends, just make sure you have the right setup for them and the time each day!

Dumbo rats are very common, so finding them in the US is not difficult. A dumbo rat typically costs $10 to $20, though some coat collars and patterns may cost a little more.

  1. fancy rats pets

One of the few pets that are suitable for children is the fancy rat. Rats rarely bite, unlike other small pets like hamsters. They are more sturdy than other rodents and don’t frequently move quickly and quickly.

Rats don’t require the same time commitment as a cat or dog because they sleep for 15 hours every day.

  1. feeder rats pets

On every rat forum I’ve visited, there has been discussion about feeder rats at some point or another. Strong opinions are held by people on both sides of the issue, and it is one of those topics that consistently causes arguments to break out, along with abortion and religion.

I’ll be the first to admit that this page won’t be objective. But I’ll outline the counterargument made by the other side so you can decide for yourself.

Which makes better pets—male or female rats?

Male Rats

My male rats had the unsettling habit of leaving a scent mark “trail” wherever they went, so I always let them run free inside my house. The urine puddles didn’t sit well with me, especially since they crawled all over me.

Additionally, male rats smell slightly musky (though nowhere nearly as strong as ferrets). They also have noticeable, large testicles directly beneath their tails, which can lead to amusing discussions with guests.

Male rats are really cool, though, aside from that. They are laid-back, cuddly, and somewhat lazy. They are surprisingly affectionate and bigger than females, which just increases their cuddling appeal.

Female Rats

I probably prefer rats that are female. They are more active and smaller than the males, which in my opinion makes them a little more interesting. Women have a lot of character.

The fact that they get into heat roughly once a week is also amusing. They start doing little scamper dances and acting all jumpy and flirtatious. Additionally, they arch their backs and wiggle their ears when you or another rat tickles their lower backs.

The personalities of female rats also make them excellent students. Mine was always interested in interacting with me and loved to learn new tricks. The primary drawback of female rats is that they are prone to developing mammary gland tumors. Nearly all of the seven or eight female rats I had perished from tumors.


Numerous rats are present. We listed the most well-known rats in the list above. The many types of rats can be fed various meals.

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