How to pet my cat


Cats are very different from dogs. Pets are all about play, but cats are a lot more playful than they are in comparison to their toy breeds such as dogs or rabbits. But how do you get your cat to play with you, much less destroy you? That’s what this post will show you. So let’s begin by showing the basic steps in getting my cat to sit with me.


Step 1. Be sure that you have a large enough bed and a place for your cat in there as well as some toys. I am using two pieces of furniture, so I had three separate areas for them. This is just for precaution though. You can put any other toys into another area as long as it’s not an area where you already have one set. This is my cat’s only room. It’s a little bit bigger than mine, and it has his own bed. After changing the furniture, the floor needs to be cleaned. The cats may use the bed as their den so I’m taking them out of his bed and using the same ones he used before. They may also eat on the couch if it isn’t their den. If the floor needs to be disinfected after cleaning, wipe it down with a wet towel to remove all dirt. Then make a small pad from cardboard paper and stick the pad in place over the cat’s litter box. When my cat is happy enough to lay on the pad, grab the corner nearest to him, and squeeze it gently to lift them up onto it. Once all of the cuddles are secure, turn around and give each one a squeeze to show them they’re safe. Now you just need to hold the little pusses in your arms so that they’re comfortable. Start slowly lowering pet food in time to their liking and don’t force pet foods onto the kitten. And once pet food is all distributed evenly, turn around and give both of the kittens a nudge. Don’t hurry because there’s a process needed to prepare them for having a cat of their own right! Next time though, bring them out of their den and back into theirs. At first, I prefer to do this by letting them jump the couch instead of pushing them off. Letting them run around will help them acclimate to the cat world and start using a little higher ground.


The second part of bringing my cat back out on the streets is to turn around and look like he’s going to go back to being a kitten again. So I put a baby gate in between their beds, but I can get away if needed. Also there should be more people to avoid accidents, so I have rope barriers to keep from coming over.


The third step is to return them to the house! In order to help, I have a huge bunch of towels tied up against the door in front of the window for when they’re done exploring. (You can also try putting blankets over the windows; you can just wrap the blankets tighter.) But even then, it will take some time. Even though the cat and kittens are excited to come out of their nest, my goal is for them to at least stay on the couch to watch TV. If they want to explore the neighborhood, they will need those things to help them through. Make sure to remember the stairs are clear in case anyone else is going to be walking through just behind them. There’s a couple doors that lead down and a few more doors that way on top.


The fourth step is that they’ve got to stop looking for something, and stop trying to play fetch! Just pick up their toys from underneath the covers and put them on the pillow on the couch in their den. Pick them up and make sure they know it’s yours. As soon as they reach for it, turn around for a brief moment, then shake the cat. He might say, “Ah, Mummy,” to which we reply, “Yes mam, it’s fine. Come here.” I also encourage feeding my cat by giving her treats while giving her food, as well as letting her sleep in my lap.


My cat loves to make eye contact and give a lick whenever she wants. The last piece of advice I have is to let him out onto the balcony to do what he pleases and just be quiet. They love company, but they are still really young. Sometimes it’s hard to see the cute moments that happen outside so I try to let them know I am right there with them. We also have our own spot on the sofa if I’m feeling really lazy.


I hope these tips can help your cat to grow and thrive with you. Good luck with helping your feline friend out.

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